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Saving Grace by Ra’chael Ohara

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Title: Saving Grace

Author: Ra’chael Ohara

Genre: Romantic Suspense/ Erotica

Release Date: October 15th, 2015




I’m pulled away from my thoughts when I hear the pastor announce,

“You may kiss the bride.” i cheer along with the rest of the crowd as Cade

dips Skylar and kisses her like it’s the only kiss they’ll ever share. I’m happy

for them. They’ve been through so much and they deserve this. It’s not long

before my eyes find their way back to my Grace.

My heart instantly aches when I see the tears in her eyes. Eyes that were once

so bright and full of life are empty and hollow. It has me itching to hunt down and

beat the shit out of Tim for causing that emptiness. I silently beg Grace to look at me,

and it seems like the Gods are on my side because she finally darts her eyes my way.

I give her a wink and a beautiful blush instantly overtakes her tan skin. That’s it. I see

her. My Grace is in there, and I’m not going to be able to wait much longer to claim her.

No more friends bullshit. No more ignoring me. Grace Mackenzie will be mine.



Grace- I’m a shell of the woman that I once was. Tim Hall took it all away from

  1. My confidence. My light. But, he wants more. He wants my life. Kyden Hart

wants to bring me back. He wants to love and protect me. But, what happens when

it’s his demons I need protection from?

Kyden- I’ve had my eyes on Grace Mackenzie for longer than she’s known. I’ve

seen her at her best and been there for her at her worst. I’m not a good man. My

soul is filled with darkness, and a past full of regrets. But, I’m selfish and I want her.

God help anyone or anything that stands in my way… because I will destroy them.


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Author Bio:


Author Ra’chael Ohara was raised in small town, Bellevue, MI and moved to Lansing,

MI at 19 where she raises her beautiful daughter. Her love of reading is what eventually

drove her to sit down and write her very own alpha romance series. When she’s not typing

away on her computer, she loves being surrounded by her loud, rambunctious, but

sweet nieces and nephews.

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