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Cafe Indie – Not another new group :)



Not another new group 🙂

As you may have read from the title there is ANOTHER new group 🙂 however this one is different or im hoping it will be different. Basically this group was created in hopes that fellow bloggers & indie authors would come together and support each other a little more its a networking group as such.  a FREE promo company if thats what you wish to call it. I joined forces with fellow Blogger Beaute De Livres ( https://www.facebook.com/Beaut%C3%A9-De-Livres-Beauty-of-Books-710489035728065/?fref=ts )

i hopes that we can push authors and bloggers a little further, help their reach a little more, spread word about new releases,blog tours,hops,cover reveals and everything in between. If you are an author or a blogger and want to join forces to help this small knit group please feel free join

Link – https://www.facebook.com/groups/832224533570783/

The rules are posted below 🙂 and a bit more Info about the group is also located below. so far we have some really awesome authors & bloggers  in the group.

Café Indie has been created to allow Authors and Bloggers a place to support one another and in turn, the Indie Community. In an exchange of encouragement and passion Café Indie has two main aims:
1 – To give Indie Authors first hand access to bloggers who are committed to supporting the indie community.
2 – To give bloggers a wider range of authors to choose from and the opportunity to broaden and support MORE Indie Authors
Being a member of Café Indie allows you to:
– Post Blog Links in designated posts
– Post Author links in designated posts
– Post sign up forms for upcoming releases, cover reveals, blitz etc
– Expressions of Interest for Giveaways, Facebook Hops, Release day Parties, Blog/author related events etc
Admin will post “Focus Topics” in order to generate discussion and continuously be in the loop of what both Authors and Bloggers are in need of. Days will also be designated to different things to allow smooth flowing of the group.

– Being in this group does not mean you are guaranteed ARC’s or to be listed as a blog in an authors blitz, cover reveal etc
– If you do get chosen but do not post as agreed upon (without explanation) you will not be asked to participate again and may be removed from the group (if you are a continuous offender).

– Use this group to offer reviewing opportunities for your books and to ask blogs for assistance with promo ONLY
– This group has been created with good intentions but unfortunately; we cannot guarantee 100% success with all promotional needs.
– Authors please monitor which bloggers to do not post. (It is up to your discretions as to if you want to advise admin or not).
– Use this group as a promotional tool in your publishing journey.

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